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Closing Time's goal is to keep you and your wedding guests dancing and singing along all night long. Each couple is encouraged to help shape the set list by requesting songs that you want to hear and supplying a do-not play list. Each band member is a seasoned, professional musician, so if there is a song you would like to hear on your wedding day that is not currently a part of our song list, we would be happy to learn it for you.




Closing Time offers three live music packages for the ceremony: instrumental acoustic guitar, instrumental piano, or instrumental acoustic guitar & piano duo. We also offer DJ services, wireless microphones for the officiant and readers, a sound system so that everything can be heard clearly, and a sound engineer for seamless production.

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We offer ten live music packages for the cocktail hour: solo acoustic guitar, solo piano, solo acoustic guitar w/ male vocals, acoustic guitar w/ female vocals duo, acoustic guitar w/ male vocals & percussion duo, acoustic guitar & piano duo, jazz duo (sax & piano), jazz trio (sax, piano & bass), and a jazz quartet (sax, piano, bass & drums). In addition, the band is also available to provide DJ services.



The full band performs a fun and relaxing selection of music at a low volume while you and your guests enjoy your meals, ranging from Classic Hits by Frank Sinatra, Elton John and Van Morrison to Modern Hits by Alicia Keys, Chris Stapleton and Ed Sheeran.



This is where the party REALLY gets started! Closing Time provides you with upbeat and diverse dance sets, including hit songs that have proven to be huge “dance floor fillers” and “crowd pleasers”. Our set list includes Modern Hits like: "good 4 u" and "Mr. Brightside", ‘80s & ‘90s Hits like: "All the Small Things" and "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!", and Classic Hits like: "September", "Respect" and"Shout". 

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